Silver replating

France imposes very strict regulations on the manufacture of silver-plated tableware.


The highest standard is known as CATEGORY I. It guarantees the quality of the silver-plating, i.e. the layer of silver deposited a given item.


For instance, to be entitled to this standard, table cutlery must be plated with 90 grams of silver for 24 items (i.e.: 33 microns deposited on each item).


In order to offer our clientele the highest available quality to insure longevity, we systematically add 10 grams of silver to the required minimum in all our restorations and manufacture of silver cutlery.


This exceptional level of care will ensure that your heirloom cutlery will retain its luster over decades.


Here are some of your prices for replating:

Table spoon or fork: 23€

Dessert spoon or fork: 21€

Table knife: 25€

Dessert knife: 23€

Coffee spoon: 16€

Mocha spoon: 13€

Fish fork or knife: 21€

Ladle: 60€

Ragoût spoon: 50€

Drinking cup: 40€/50€

Napkin ring: 30€

Teapot: from 150€


You can also send us an image of the item in need of replating along with its dimensions and we will provide you with a quote.