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Sphere tea service

soulignement Prix sur demande

Serling silver 

Precious wood


Ref.: servicethe

Series limited to 10 sets.
Dimensions: 56x45cm
Total weight: 5000g (not counting wood)
Materials: Solid silver and courbaril (exotic wood)
Model shown: N°4/10

Nicolas Marischaël reimagines the tea set as a unique sculpture, instigating an unexpected interaction between the wood and the solid silver. An elegant creation which opens up like a constellation of stylish spheres. Four complementary spheres constitute this piece, each having a distinct role: samovar, burner, teapot and tea box. This handmade piece combines beauty and functionality as it conveys an elegant weightlessness and warps our sense of space.

This piece was first shown at the “Hors les murs” event organized by the Grands Ateliers de France in Monaco in October 2010.

Each element can be ordered separately.

Notre entreprise est labellisée EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) ce qui témoigne de la grande qualité de nos fabrications.

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