Prize for the Intelligence of the Hand
The Liliane Bettencourt 2015 Prize for the Intelligence of the Hand (“Dialogues”) was awarded to Nicolas Marischaël, silversmith, and Felipe Ribon, designer, for their work entitled “Osmos”.

Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

Nicolas Marischaël was awarded the title of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 2011 by the Ministry the Culture and of Communications.

This is one of the France’s highest honorary distinctions. The Ministry for the Culture wished to show its appreciation for Nicolas Marischaël's commitment and artistic contributions.


Living Heritage Company

Marischaël Orfèvre was awarded the EPV label in 2011. This Living Heritage Company label distinguishes French companies with the highest level of artisanal and industrial expertise. To earn this label, a company must display a know-how that is either rare, renowned or ancestral, based on the mastery of traditional techniques or of high technical sophistication. The label is shared by manufacturers who hold very high standards in terms of trade and products.


Judicial expert for the Paris Court of Appeal

“Through three generations, we have carefully preserved some of our company key assets: our historical tools, some of which date back from the 18th century. Using these ancient tools has given me a very keen insight on the nature of my craft, particularly when it came to restoring ancient pieces. This led me to grow as an expert in my craft. I have been a member of the National Chamber of Experts Specializing in Decorative Art and Collectibles since 2004. I frequently carry out expert surveys for major French and foreign auction houses and for a private clientele. This experience allowed me to be appointed as a judicial expert for the Paris Court of Appeal in 2012.”


Member of the Grands Ateliers de France

The Grand Ateliers de France association was founded in 1993 and aims to promote the ethics and high standards of its artisan members. 90 trades and 65 reputable companies are represented. As artisans, we vouch for each other's work. Because of this solidarity, we work hard at establishing our techniques so that they can stand the test of contemporary standards, and that they can be passed on to the next generations. This is what gives us our strength and our purpose.