Restoration of ancient silverware and gold objects

Like his father and his grandfather before him, Nicolas Marischaël is now responsible for passing on the knowledge accumulated over centuries to the coming generations of artisans.


Owning tools which date back from the 18th century allows him to ensure that ancient manufacturing and restoration methods and techniques are scrupulously followed.


Nicolas Marischaël is a member of the Grands Ateliers de France and of the CNES (National Chamber of Experts Specialized in Decorative Arts and Collectibles). He was also a member of the Ministry of Culture's Council for Artisan Trades.


With a quality of work that has earned him unanimous praise from his peers, Nicolas Marischaël performs restoration work for museums, collectors, antique dealers, and discerning private clients who believe in the importance of abiding by traditional rules.


Here is a selection of various metalwork tasks that we carry out in our workshops:


REPLATING: forks and spoons, flatware and larger pieces, etc.

SOLDERING: leaks, disjointed pieces, broken hinges, etc.

RECONSTITUTION: missing decorations, lids and lid ornaments, handles, etc.

TABLETTERIE: tea and coffee pot handles, etc.

PLANISHING: decorative dishes, trays, serving dishes, etc.

REMOVAL OF DENTS: on any type of object and tableware.

KNIVES: refitting of handles, blade restoration, blade replacement, etc.

FORKS AND SPOONS: replacement of missing fork tines, adjustment of tines’ length, reshaping of spoons, etc.

TEA AND COFEE POTS: welding, removal of dents, leaks, replating, etc.

CHANDELIERS: repairs and electrical fittings, crystal replacement, etc.

BRONZES: welding, patina, etc.

PEWTER: tinning, removal of dents and cracks, etc.


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