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set for 6 knives

Special Price: 6.00 € Regular Price: 7.80 €

knives table Cutlery holder , dessert, cheese...


Ref.: G04

Capacity: 6 knives
Length: 7.5 cm
Height: 2 cm

Color: dark brown.

These supports are sold in pairs: the blade and the handle are maintained. The knives are arranged "head-to-tail"
You are the apartment between the two supports.
They adapt to all types of knives: table, dessert, cheese ... (except fish knives, see refs G01 and G02)

Their wooden base gives them the rigidity necessary for a good maintenance of your cutlery and they are covered with anti-oxidant felt.
Practical, they are self-adhesive: just remove the protective film and stick it in the bottom of your drawer.

For maximum adhesion of the supports, we advise you to take off your adhesive felt shooters sold in our shop.
100% French manufacturing.
The unit = 2 supports

Notre entreprise est labellisée EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) ce qui témoigne de la grande qualité de nos fabrications.

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