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49-Piece Flatware Storage Case for dessert (black)

Special Price: 74.00 € Regular Price: 92.00 €

12 spoons dessert 19.5cm
12 dessert forks 19.5cm
12 knives dessert 22.5 cm
12 coffees 15 cm
Empty pocket for service parts


Ref.: E05

Antioxidant vacuum box for cutlery in silver or silver metal.

This elegant box which can contain a housewife of 49 pieces dessert is entirely covered inside by a felt treated against oxidation.
Your cutlery silver metal or silver no longer oxidize when stored in this box guaranteed antioxidation.
A flap integrated into the case allows you to cover your cutlery once stored in their homes to ensure total effectiveness against oxidation.

Technical characteristics :
Inside: covered with brown-black guarantee anti-oxidant felt. Integrated flap to cover cutlery.
Exterior: medium (reconstituted wood) covered with Ecorel, very resistant coating perfectly imitating leather grain.

The racks receiving the cutlery are wrapped with antioxidant felt which gives them the flexibility and support necessary to adapt perfectly to the shape of your cutlery.

Standard colors: black, brown or garnet.

External dimensions: 49x29x7 cm (longxLargxh)

Cutlery lengths that can be stored:
24 cullères and / or forks dessert up to 19.5 cm,
12 dessert knives up to 22.6 cm
12 teaspoons 15 cm
1 empty pocket service pieces 33 cm


100% French manufacturing

Notre entreprise est labellisée EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) ce qui témoigne de la grande qualité de nos fabrications.

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